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foogod's Journal

All the colours in my paintbox...

5 September 1972
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What I am:

A son. A brother. A friend. A coworker. Quiet. Careful. Contemplative. Often right. Sometimes wrong. Occasionally a fool. Always learning. Sometimes teaching. A tinkerer. A listener. A geek. Introverted. Lonely. Human.

What I strive to be:

Dependable. Smart. Useful. Social. Brave. Successful. Caring. Happy. Accepting. Sane. Loved. Human.

In this journal you will find my mutterings, ramblings, notes, and figments of imagination. You may find hopes, and possibly dreams. There will likely be failures and fears. Usually, however, there will be simply me. I make no promises. I have no expectations.

Enter at your own risk. Please have some tea...